For April, 2007
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Summer Romance by Starr Abbott A World Of Their Own by Lawrence Alma-Tadema An Amorous Couple In A Tavern by Cornelis Bega Seduction (Allegory of Youth and Age) by Giovanni Cariani, c.1515 The Spanish Concert or, The Gallant Rest by Louis de Caullery Sleeping Beauty by Walter Crane The Kiss by Graam Dean
The Love Of Souls by Jean Delville Beginning Of A Working Day by Anatoli Dovzhenko, 1964 The Rebuff by Ernest Duez Fortune Teller by Harrison Fisher Mr. And Mrs. Andrews by Thomas Gainsborough, 1750 An Idyl (Daphnis And Chloe) by Jean Leon Gerome, 1852 Venus And Adonis by Abraham Janssens
Siren (Triton And Nereid) by Max Klinger, 1895 The Odd Couple by Wilhelm Leibl Hunter's Trophy, 1921 by Rudolf  Lengruesser The Dance by Jean-Baptiste Joseph Pater, c.1730 Colonel Victor Stusche And His Wife, Miniatures by M. Plegerl, 1914 Indian Lovers by John Quidor Memory Awakened By Music by Henry Roundell, 1906
After The Storm by Walter Dendy Sadler Eternamente Marisol by Olga Sinclair A Scene From Brentano's Legend Of The Lorelei - Attributed to Karl Ferdinand Sohn The Conversation Piece by Solomon Joseph Solomon After The Ball by Karel Stroff, c.1910 Unknown Artist - Parisina And Hugo (from Byron's Parsina) Unknown Artist, Italian School - The Serenade, c.1900
Brothel Scene by Frans van Mieris, 1658 Los Amantes by Remedios Varo  





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