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Bonza Sheila's Art Of Love Archive For June, 2007

Double Portrait With Oak Twig by Federico Barocci
Double Portrait With Oak Twig by Federico Barocci

This sweet and tender double portrait by Federico Barocci depicts a nobleman proffering a branch full of acorns to a young woman. The bearded male figure, dressed in a severe black costume, stands behind the woman pointing to the oak branch. The branch is not that of a live tree, but rather a crafted work of gilded bronze with a paper strip woven through its metal leaves. This cartello may have once been inscribed with a message, but no traces of it remain. The woman, to whose attention he brings this branch, looks up pensively from her reading. She wears an elegant gold and grey dress with a white ruff collar and cuffs and around her neck there is a lustrous strand of double pearls from which a gold and pearl medallion is suspended. The picture's format suggests the celebration of a conjugal relationship. The oak and acorns, an emblem long associated with the Della Rovere family of Urbino, indicate that at least one of the two sitters was a member of that family. However, the sitters and the event being commemorated have proven to be difficult to identify.

This is the Art Of Love painting for 3 June, 2007, presented by Bonza Sheila.

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