March, 2011 - Love Art, Lovers art, Romantic art, Couple Art, Kissing Art, Love paintings, Romantic paintings
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Jason And Medea by Gustave Moreau The Final Touch by Jehan Georges Vibert Romeo And Juliet by N. Riccardi The Director by James Montgomery Flagg A Secret Overheard by Frants Peter Diderik Henningsen
Unknown Artist - Sir Thomas Mansel And His Wife, Jane, 1625 In The Boat by Constantine Korovin, 1888 The Sea Maiden by Arthur Hacker, 1897 Meeting In The Dunes by Jacobus Hendricus Burgers, 1866 Jupiter And Callisto by Caesar van Everdingen  Womans Mission, Companion Of Manhood by George Elgar Hicks, 1863 Kiss by Giuseppe Palanti
Jan J. Hinlopen In 1665 With His Second Wife Lucia Wijbrants by Bartholomeus van der Helst The Orangers by Jean-Pierre Lorand Unknown Artist, Austria - Double Portraits Of A Married Couple, Biedermeier School, c.1840 Domestic Happiness by Lilly Martin Spencer The Duet by Arthur Devis, 1749 Couple by Iulian Fratila Night by Max Klinger
Close To You by Fred Mathews Young Couple by Angelo Morbelli Mr. And Mrs. Yuan by Thierry Bruet Unknown Artist - The Bethrothed Embrace The Suitor by Eugen von Blaas Spanish Couple by Rafaello Busoni The Wedding Morning - The Departure by Richard Redgrave, c.1846
A Visit To The Flowerseller by Henry Victor Lesur Unknown Artist - Eastern European Peasant Couple (postcard image) c.1900 The Angry Wife; Xanpippe, by Israhel van Meckenem, 1500 Lovers In The Country by John Currin, 1993 The Bargain Struck, or Virtue Conquer'd By Temptation, Print Published by Carington Bowles, 1773  


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