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Ask Me No More by Lawrence Alma-Tadema Lovers With 3 Candles by Marc Chagall Cupid And Psyche by Antonio Canova Awakening Conscience by William Holman Hunt Conversation by Bill Fisher
The Walkers by Claude Monet Godspeed by Edmund Blair-Leighton Admiral Nelson And Lady Hamilton by C.L. Doughty Caught by George Goodwin Kilburne King Cophetua And The Beggar - Maid by John Byam Shaw Wedding Of St. George And The Princess Sabra by Dante Gabriel Rossetti Intimacy by Felix Edouard Vallotton, 1898
A Dinner Of Herbs by George William Joy Youth And Time by John William Godward, 1901 Resolutions Are Made To Be Broken by Will Grefe, 1911 Promise Of Spring by Lawrence Alma-Tadema Lazy Hazy Days by Jack Vettriano The Alarm by Jean Francois de Troy, 1723 The Measure For The Wedding Ring by Michael Frederick Halliday, 1855
Jason And Medea by Edmund Dulac Conversation Galante By A Fountain by Jean-Baptiste Joseph Pater, 1720 Dance In The Country by Pierre-Auguste Renoir Liebespaar by H.C. Berann The Painter's Honeymoon by Frederic Leighton Lovers - Unknown Artist, Herculaneum Fresco Artist Of The Missing 8 by Stephen Alcorn
Damayanti And Nala, Modern Indian Batik - Unknown Artist Ulysses' Homecoming by Honore Daumier The Sphinx by Fernand Khnopff The Milk Sop by Thomas Rowlandson  



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