The meaning of Bonza Sheila

The Meaning Of "Bonza Sheila"

Q: What is a Bonza Sheila??
A: Bonza Sheila is Australian slang for a wonderful girl, or a girlfriend

adjective:- great, excellent

noun:- a common term for an Australian female, usually single and probably good looking. It probably originated from the high number of female immigrants from Ireland called Sheelagh.

Quite a Bonza Sheila she is, this American Sheila -Image: Vintage postcard, circa WWI It can't be denied: Aussies and Americans tend to get on quite well together. -Image: Vintage postcard, 1908, on the occasion of the American Fleet's arrival in Australia

Bonza sheila is a well known though rather archaic Australian slang term to describe a desirable and attractive lady; being called a bonza sheila a compliment!... Someone very dear to me, an Australian, dubbed me Bonza Sheila several years ago. I was absolutely delighted with the appellation, so when I decided to create a website and started searching for a good domain name, I was very surprised that was available. It's not easy to get a top level .com domain that is such a well known phrase, as well as being catchy, interesting, and easy to remember. It was perfect! I immediately purchased the domain, and thus came to be.

If you'd like a list of more Australian slang terms, I'd suggest this one, and my personal recommendation based on experience of what is trickier to pick up if you're visiting Down Under: a list of Australian acronyms and abbreviations.

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