The Parting Kiss

The Soldier's Adieu by Nathaniel Currier

We were waiting at the station,
Soon the cars would surely start,
Hearts beat high with love's emotion,
For we knew we soon must part.
On dark lashes seemed to glisten
Tiny crystal tear drops shine;
To the fond voice glad I listen,
While dear eyes look into mine.

And the last words quickly spoken,
Darling, still to me be true,
Let your promise be unbroken,
For I will be true to you.
Once I felt the soft hand tremble,
And my heart throbbed with its bliss;
Lips that rose-buds did resemble,
Met in one last loving kiss.

Sweet good-bye, do not forget me,
Spoken in the softest tone,
In your mem'ry, precious keep me,
For my love is all your own.
I will ever be brave-hearted---
Nothing shall your love efface:
One last kiss and then we parted,
One last loving, long embrace.

-Josephine Delphine Henderson Heard

Art: The Soldier's Adieu by Nathaniel Currier
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