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Faustine by Maxwell Armfield, 1904
Clair de Lune by Samuel Colville Bailie Le Baiser by Paul Emile Becat, c.1909 Rowing by Jan van Beers A Young Woman And A Cavalier by Cornelis Bisschop The Cad And The Countess by Hamish Blakely The Muse Departs by Warren Criswell, 2005 The Flirtation by Georges Croegaert, 1885
Blindman's Bluff by Jean-Honore Fragonard Pozegnanie Powstanca (Farewell To An Insurgent) by Artur Grottger, 1866 D'Artagnan by Louis Icart April In Paris by Gary Kelley Conversation by Nicolas Lancret Couple On A Raft by J.C. Leyendecker, 1909 Meeting, From The Series 'Flood' by Vladimir S. Lyubarov, 2005
The Couple by Vasily Mayzin Postcard Kiss by Alberto Pancorbo The Frugal Repast by Pablo Picasso, 1904 Man And Woman by Pieter Pietersz, c.1570 Architect Jean-Rodolphe Perronet With His Wife by Alexander Roslin, 1759 Married For Love by Marcus Stone The Music Lesson by Gerard Terborch, c.1670
Pastoral Idyll by Jan Thomas (van Ypern), c.1640 Eugene Onegin; '...hardly breathing, without objection' by Lydia Timoshenko Toast Of The Town by Boris Vallejo, 1976 The Kiss by Felix Edouard Vallotton, 1898 Viaje Cosmico (Cosmic Voyage) by Luis Castellanos Valui The Declaration; Hussar And Maiden by Johannes Pieter Visser-Bender, 1805 A Composer And His Wife, miniatures by Franziska Schoepfer (Attributed), c.1820
Unknown Artist, Dutch - Maria van Voorthuysen And Her 2nd Husband, Hendrik Viervant, 1840 Return From Fishing by Jules Denneulin  





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