November, 2005 - Love Art, Lovers art, Romantic art, Couple Art, Kissing Art, Love paintings, Romantic paintings
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Pastoral Lovers (Daphnis And Chloe) by C. H. Ashton, 1896 Wedding by Bo Bartlett,  1997 Moon Night by Ada Breedveld, 2009 Magazine Illustration by Austin Briggs, 1958 The Dawn Of Love by Thomas Brooks, 1846
The Proposal by Thomas Clater, 1825 Lovers by Robert Colquhoun The Eager Suitor by Hegedus Geiger The Courtship by David Ghilchik Dance by Giampaolo Ghisetti Just A Song At Twilight by Florence Hardy Idyll Ludwig Von Hofmann, 1908
An Idyll by Theocritus George Percy Jacomb-Hood Unity by Eduardo Kingman A Monk Chastising A Nun by Carl Gustav Klingstedt Mars And Venus by Mabel Frances Layng, 1918 Lovers By A Windy Seashore by William Littlewood, 1960 Courtship Scene by Adriaen van Ostade, 1653 Wedding, Soviet Socialist Realism by Arkadi Pavliuk, 1967
Vision Of Endymion by Edmund Poynter Umbrella by Andrei Protsouk In The Garden by Pierre Auguste Renoir, 1885 Deep Passion by Merrill Robinson The Love Song by Albert Friedrich Schroder, 1886 Love Betrayed by John Roddam Spencer Stanhope Waltz, Illustration For Alexander Pushkin's Snow Storm by Lydia Tymoshenko
Unknown Artist - Carmen And Don Jose (from Bizrt's Opera, Carmen), 1896 Unknown Artist - Miniatures Of Sir Kenelm Digby And His Wife Venetia Stanley, Lady Digby Unknown Artist, French - Bride And Bridegroom, The Wedding Night Portrait Of A Husband And Wife by Hendrick Bloemaert, 1647  



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