December, 2005 - Love Art, Lovers art, Romantic art, Couple Art, Kissing Art, Love paintings, Romantic paintings
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Embrace by Hugh Gerard Byars Charles Mayne Young As Hamlet And Mary Glover As Ophelia by George Clint, 1831 A Young Girl, Attended By A Chaperone, Secretly Giving A Rose To Her Lover by C. de Blay, 1865
Ice Skating Young Couple by Fidus (Hugo Hoppener) A Winter Scene, Lovers On Skis by Anton Otto Fischer With This Ring by James Montgomery Flagg, 1908 The Next Dance by F. Giesser The Angel's Love by St. George Hare, 1908 The Potter's Courtship by Arthur Hughes Idyll by Lawrence Koe
Faust And Marguerite by Frederic Leighton Byrrh Advertisment by Georges Leonnec, 1935 Faust And Marguerite by G. Marsell, 1876 The Golden Wedding by Pompeo Massani, c.1900 Tender Embrace, Illuminated Manuscript, c.1430 by the Master of Guillebert de Mets The Last Kiss, or Departure by Giovanni Battista Quadrone, 1884 The Boat Of Love by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Idyll by Walter Richard Sickert, c.1932 Couple 2 by Vassilis Sperantzas Rough Courting by Walter Sydney Stacey, 1884 By Appointment by George Hillyard Swinstead Moonlight by Peter Szumowski The Engagement (Dave and Vicky) by Anthony Tewfik The Lovers by George Tooker
Unknown Artist - Best Foods Mayonnaise Ad, 1920's Unknown Artist - Mercenary Love, c.1620 Unknown Artist (after Jean Francois Millet) - A Courting Couple Unknown Artist, India (Lucknow) - Embracing Lovers with Sparklers, c. 1775 I Like It This Way by Fredric Varady, 1950 Embrace by Edward Clay Wright Unknown Artist, American - A Married Couple, c.1830
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