October, 2011 - Love Art, Lovers art, Romantic art, Couple Art, Kissing Art, Love paintings, Romantic paintings
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Louis XV And Madame Dubarry by Gyula Benczur
A Passing Storm, Magazine Illustration by Jim Schaeffing, c.1950 A Couple In The Dunes Near Scheveningen by Otto Eerelman James Silk Buckingham And His Wife Elizabeth In Arab Costume, Baghdad by Henry William Pickersgill, 1825 Francois And Marie Joseph Breyton by Juliet Wood Unknown Artist, British - A Married Couple, Early 19th Century Venus And Adonis by Pyotr Sokolov, 1782 Progress of Gallantry, or Stolen Kisses Sweetest by Thomas Rowlandson
Couple At The Clavichord by Jan Barendsz Muyckens, 1648 Unknown Artist - Courtship, c.1665 Tales Of Misty Avalon by Erko Vladislav Letter by Frans Wesselman He Wouldn't Say Yes, Magazine Illustration by Walter M. Baumhofer Jupiter In The Guise Of Diana Seducing Callisto by Jacob de Wit Unknown Artist, French, Signed 'M.H.' - The Artist Pierre Mignard And His Wife, Anna, c.1690
Drinkers by Adriaen Brouwer Unknown Artist, Dutch - Amorous Scene, 19th Century A Visit To The Studio by Federico Andreotti Unknown Artist, Belgium - Declaration Of Love, mid 19thc Los Novios by Carlos Luna Redemption by Alex Gross Martin And John In Their Backyard by Zina Saunders
Welcome Home by Lynn Noelle Rushton An Afternoon Of Fishing by Frederick Hendrik Kaemmerer Lovers by Frederick Sands Brunner Wojna i my (War And Us) by Edward Okun, 1923 The Artist With His Wife Bonicella by Hans Thoma, 1887 A Music Lesson, Seville by John Phillip La Liseuse de romans by Antoine Wiertz, 1853
Death Eavesdropping On Lovers by Michael Hutter Friendship by Martin Eder, 2009  





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