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Where Town Begins, Illustration by Raymond Pease, 1952 Harvest Time by Julien Dupre, 1878 The Proposal by Laslett John Pott
Venus And Mars by Carlo Saraceni, c.1605 The Trysting Place by Daniel Ridgway Knight Kiss by Vladimir Makeyev Courtship by Lora Shelley The Ages Of Life by Georges Lacombe, 1892 Kiss By The Window by Edvard Munch 1892 Unknown Artist - Portraits Of A German Officer And His Wife, c.1750
Unknown Artist - Sir Thomas Mansel And Jane (Pole), Lady Mansel, c.1625 Unknown Artist - Rustic Courtship, 19th Century Venus And Adonis by Cornelis van Haarlem, 1614 Ib And Her Husband (detail) by Lucian Freud Pastorale by Nicolas Lancret The Journey's End by Edward Robert Hughes, c.1910 Flirtation Before The Fire by Johann Daniel Barger, c.1790
Amours De Phrosine et Melidore by Pierre-Paul Prud'hon, 1797 The Convalescent by Max Kurzwei An Officer Of Light Dragoons Taking Leave Of His Wife by Henry Singleton, c.1795 Drifting With The Tide by Ralph Wormeley Curtis Unknown Artist, Japan - Lovers, Early 20th Century Slow Dancing by Nik Helbig The Arrivals by Guy Pene du Bois, c.1918
Marriage Portrait Of Jhr. Isaac Lamberts Cremer van den Bergh of Heemstede And Christina Roelants by Jan Adam Kruseman, 1840 Unknown Artist - Tyrolean Lovers, Lithograph, 19th Century Adam And Eve by Hans Thoma, 1897 A Game Of Chess by James Hamilton, 1790 Lovers by Michael Flynt Couple In The Autumn Woods by Arthur Saron Sarnoff  

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